Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Flunge

In foil and epée fencing, the flêche is a beautiful maneuver used to quickly close distance when the attacker is fairly certain of getting a touch.  If it looks like the attacker is running (i.e.-upright) they're doing it wrong.
Figure 1: A nice successful flêche, in epée.*
In sabre fencing crossing one's feet while moving forwards is against the rules (I hear the sport devolved into too much charging and slashing so they eliminated the charging, kept the slashing.  I prefer it that way).  However, trying to get sabreurs to calm down is generally counter-productive so the flunge quickly arrived on the scene.  Now the goal is to score the touch before your nose hits the floor.  It's still a rather artistic move.
Figure 2: A nice flunge, in sabre.  There really is no going back from that.
Figured that picture could use a few words.

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